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This page tells you where to get the Shared Access Layer (SAL).

버전 매트릭스

The matrix below shows the applications which include and support the Shared Access Layer. The applications are listed horizontally across the top and the SAL versions are listed vertically on the left.
  • Version numbers next to a tick (tick) show the earliest release of the application which supports the relevant SAL version.
  • Version numbers in brackets show a future application release expected to support the relevant SAL version.








SAL 2.0

(tick) Bamboo 2.3

(tick) Confluence 3.0

(tick) Crowd 2.0

(tick) 1.6.5

(tick) 1.6.5

(tick) JIRA 4.0

SAL 2.1


(tick) Confluence 3.3




(tick) JIRA 4.2

SAL 2.2

(tick) Bamboo 3.0

(tick) Confluence 3.4

(tick) Crowd 2.2

(tick) Crucible 2.4

(tick) FishEye 2.4

(tick) JIRA 4.3

SAL 2.3







SAL 2.6


(Confluence 4.0)

(tick) Crowd 2.3



JIRA 4.4

(info) There is also a detailed list of services available per application.

(info) Except for JIRA 3.13.x, SAL is bundled with all application versions as shown in the above table, so you do not need to install SAL into any application except JIRA 3.13.x

JIRA 3.13.x 에 SAL 설치

Follow these steps if you want to install SAL into JIRA:

  1. Download the SAL API and plugins from the Atlassian repository.
  2. Copy the following jars into JIRA's <Installation Directory>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib directory:
    • sal-api.jar
    • sal-core.jar
    • sal-jira-plugin.jar

  3. Restart JIRA.
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