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JIRA 설치 디렉터리

The 'JIRA installation directory' is the directory into which the JIRA application files and libraries have been extracted either by the Windows or Linux installers or from an extracted installation archive file (i.e. a .tar.gz or .zip file). JIRA does not modify or store any data in this directory.

중요 파일과 디렉터리

The directories/files described below are found under different sub-directories of the 'JIRA Installation directory', depending on whether you have installed JIRA Standalone or JIRA WAR. Please substitute the following directories for the <jira-application-dir> placeholder below, as follows:

  • JIRA Standaloneatlassian-jira subdirectory of the 'JIRA Installation directory'.

The default installation directory on Linux is:


  • JIRA WARwebapp subdirectory of the 'JIRA Installation directory'.
    (info)Please Note: If you want to edit any files in this webapp directory you will need to copy them to the edit-webapp subdirectory and edit the copies as described in JIRA WAR Configuration Overview. Copies of the and entityengine.xml file are already available in the edit-webapp sub-directory).


This file tells JIRA where to find the JIRA Home Directory.
(warning) Be aware that your JIRA Home Directory defined in this file can be overridden. See Setting your JIRA Home Directory for more information.


This file stores the default values for JIRA's advanced configuration settings and should not be modified. The values of properties in this file are overridden by redefining them in either the file (in your JIRA Home Directory) or the JIRA database (via the JIRA administration area). See Advanced JIRA Configuration for more information.


This is the directory where plugins built on Atlassian's Plugin Framework 1 (i.e. 'Plugins 1' plugins) are stored. If you are installing a new 'Plugins 1' plugin, you will need to deploy it into this directory.
'Plugins 2' plugins should be stored in the JIRA Home Directory.


JIRA's logging configuration file. See Logging and Profiling.

The actual log files generated by JIRA can be found in the following locations:

  • JIRA application logbin/atlassian-jira.log
  • Application server log — generally the application server log file can be found under the logs directory. However, this can vary depending on the application server you are running. Please see Where Are the Application Server Logs? for further details.


This file configures the OFBiz Entity Engine which JIRA uses to store persist data in a datasource. See Configuring the Entity Engine for JIRA.

The sub-directories/files described below are found under the root of the JIRA Installation directory.



This file is used for JIRA SSL configuration. See Running JIRA applications over SSL or HTTPS.

메모리 세팅

The file used to edit JAVA_OPTS memory settings will depend on the method used to install JIRA, as well as the operating system used for your installation.

For example, if you are running JIRA on Tomcat in Windows (manual startup), you would update the following file:
whereas for JIRA on Tomcat in Linux/Unix, you would update this file:

See Increasing JIRA Memory for further details.

JIRA Home 디렉터리

'JIRA home 디렉터리' 는 JIRA의 동작방법을 정의하는데 필요한 중요 데이터가 저장됩니다.
This document outlines the purpose of the various files and directories in the JIRA home directory. (For information on specifying the location of the JIRA home directory, please see Setting your JIRA Home Directory .)

(tick) Tip: Another term for 'home directory' would be 'data directory'.

This file (also located at the root of your JIRA Home Directory) stores custom values for most of JIRA's advanced configuration settings. Properties defined in this file override the default values defined in the jpm.xml file (located in your JIRA Installation Directory). See Advanced JIRA Configuration for more information.

(info) In new JIRA installations, this file may not initially exist and if so, needs to be created manually.

중요 디렉터리


이 디렉터리는 다음과 같은 JIRA 수행에 필요한 어플리케이션 데이터를 포함합니다:
attachments (for every version of each attachment stored in JIRA).


JIRA will place its automated backup archives into this directory.


JIRA will place its logs into this directory. (Note: if the JIRA home directory is not configured, then the logs will be placed into the current working directory instead).

The logs will only start showing up once the first log message is written to them. For example, the internal access log will not be created util JIRA starts writing to it.

You can change the location of the log file using as described in the documentation on Logging and Profiling.


This is the directory where plugins built on Atlassian's Plugin Framework 2 (i.e. 'Plugins 2' plugins) are stored. If you are installing a new 'Plugins 2' plugin, you will need to deploy it into this directory.

'Plugins 1' plugins should be stored in the JIRA Installation directory.

This directory is created on JIRA startup, if it does not exist already.


이 디렉터리는 JIRA 다음의 캐쉬데이터를 저장합니다:

These files are vital for JIRA performance and should not be modified or removed externally while JIRA is running.

(info) 참조:

자세한 사항은 Search Indexing 페이지 참조.


이 디렉터리 아래에는 실행 중 인덱스나 파일업로드, 혹은 내보내기/가져오기 기능 등을 수행하면서 생기는 임시 파일들이 저장됩니다.

이 디렉터리의 내용을 삭제하셔도 상관은 없으나 삭제 전에는 반드시 JIRA을 Shutdown 한 후 삭제할 것을 권합니다.


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