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Confluence 6.1.3 이 릴리스 되었습니다 — 자세한 사항은 Confluence 6.1 Release Notes 를 참고하시기 바랍니다.

Confluence release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for major releases and minor (bugfix) releases. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Confluence, you will find essential information in the upgrade notes associated with the relevant release notes.

Release notes are maintained in the Confluence Latest space. All links below will take you to the Confluence Latest where you can browse all release notes and upgrade notes.


Summary of major releases

Looking for a list of highlights in the major Confluence releases? See the Confluence Release Notes.

모든 릴리스노트:


Confluence 6 release notes


Confluence 6.0

Confluence 5.10

Confluence 5.9

Confluence 5.8 

Confluence 5.7


Confluence 5.6


Confluence 5.5

Confluence 5.4

Confluence 5.3

Confluence 5.2


Confluence 5.1




Confluence 5.0


Confluence 4.3

Confluence 4.2

Confluence 4.1

Confluence 4.0

Confluence 3.5

Confluence 3.4

Confluence 3.3

Confluence 3.2

Confluence 3.1

Confluence 3.0

Confluence 2.10

Confluence 2.9

Confluence 2.8

Confluence 2.7

Confluence 2.6

Confluence 2.5

Confluence 2.4

Confluence 2.3

Confluence 2.2

Confluence 2.1

Confluence 2.0



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