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이 문서에 대하여

The Confluence administrator's guide provides information on how to manage and configure your Confluence site. For people just getting started, we offer the guide to Confluence Administrator's Guide.

Would you like a full list of the pages in this guide? Here it is: Table of Contents for Confluence Administrator's Guide.

If you still have a question that has not been answered, please ask us.

빠른 관리 팁

Use the search box to get to an administration screen quickly. Start typing what you want to do into the Confluence search box at top right of the screen. The matching administrative functions will appear with a cog icon at the top of the dropdown search results.

It is even faster via 'GG'. Press 'G' twice on your keyboard then continue typing the action you want.

For more information, see Searching Confluence.


You can download the Confluence documentation in PDF, HTML and XML formats.


추가 자료

Do you want to install or upgrade Confluence? See the Confluence Administrator's Guide. Or visit the Confluence User's Guide for information on how to use Confluence as a collaborative tool. You can find a list of further resources at the Confluence Documentation home page.






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