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This space contains the documentation for the common Atlassian User Management interface, as used in Confluence and JIRA.

Note to Readers

Please refer to the JIRA Administrator's Guide or the Confluence Administrator's Guide instead of the documentation in this space. This documentation is not intended to be read independently of the JIRA and Confluence documentation.

Note to Authors

  • All the content in this space is in the form of re-usable chunks, in the inclusions library.
  • The user management UI plugin is versioned independently of the backend libraries. To solve this problem, we will version the documentation space independently of the software. The documentation space will start at version 1.0 (010), and will then move to version 2.0 (020), and so on. We will create a new version of the documentation for any change in either the UI or the backend that impacts the behaviour of the software, from the user's perspective.
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