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Universal Plugin Manager 1.5

The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) provides you with a powerful and user-friendly interface to manage your plugins. The Universal Plugin Manager itself is a plugin, which contains a number of modules that are implementations of the Atlassian REST plugin module type. It allows you to perform common plugin tasks:
  1. Enabling/disabling plugins and their plugin modules.
  2. Installing new plugins.
  3. Configuring advanced plugin options.
  4. Finding out-of-date plugins and updating them.
  5. Checking the compatibility of your installed plugins against newer versions of the application.

The Universal Plugin Manager also interfaces with the Atlassian Plugin Exchange, so you can browse the wide range of plugins available for your application from within your application. You can install any of these plugins with a single click, or upload your own plugins using the Universal Plugin Manager as well.

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