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Confluence Team Calendar는 Confluence와 별도 판매되는 상용 플러그인 제품으로 Confluence 3.5 버전부터 사용가능합니다.

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This page contains basic instructions for using Team Calendars.


팀 Calendar 열기

Choose Calendars from the Confluence header or choose My Calendars on the Confluence Dashboard.

Your Team Calendar page opens.


(question) If you don't see the Calendar in your menu, you may need to install Team Calendars on your Confluence instance. See Licensing and Installing Team Calendars.

Calendar 생성과 추가


To get started, you'll need to create a calendar or add an existing one. Choose Add Calendar, then select any of the following:

  • Add New Calendar – to create a new calendar.
  • Add Existing Calendar – to subscribe to another calendar in your Confluence instance.
  • Import Calendar – to import a .ics file.
  • Subscribe by URL – to subscribe to a Google Calendar using its URL.

See Creating and Adding Calendars to learn more.


캘린더에 이벤트 추가

To add an event to the calendar, you can:

  • Choose Add Event
  • Click a date on the calendar in either the month or week view
  • Double-click on the Timeline view

You'll be prompted to enter a title, time and other details. Once you've added the details, choose OK to add the event to the calendar. If there are multiple calendars in your Team Calendars view, you'll need to select the calendar you're adding the event to.

(info) You can also click and drag on the calendar to select a range of days in the month and week views. Learn more by reading Adding Events to a Team Calendar.



캘린더 검색

If you're adding a calendar that already exists in your Confluence instance, but isn't in your Team Calendars view, you can search for it.

  1. Choose Add Calendar
  2. Select Existing Calendar (from here you can search or browse popular calendars and add them to your view)
  3. Select the calendar you want to add and choose Add

Confluence 페이지에 캘린더 포함하기


You can include calendars on any page in Confluence, so that you and your teams are always up-to-date. Take a look at Including Calendars on Confluence Pages for more information.


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