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In JIRA ServiceDesk, there can be an occurrence where the SLA data for the issue will be missing. This Knowledge Base does not provide information on how to solve the issue once and for all, as the root cause can varies from add-ons/database corruption/other unknown cause, but to provide a viable workaround for the missing SLA



  • JIRA ServiceDesk v 2.4 - 3.0.2

Diagnostic Steps

  • Example use case is missing the 'Initial Reaction Time' SLA in the issue
  • SLA is not showing on both ticket and issue navigator searches
  • Refer to this documentation to verify from the database the SLA data is indeed missing


Multiple cause at the moment:


Below are ways to temporally circumvent a problem, although it still exists in the application.

  • Upgrade JSD to v3.0.3 as below REST call SLA reconstruction only available on JSD v3.0.3 and above
  • Perform a POST- REST call to the JIRA instance through  


    with the body: 

  • Key in the issue key for the issue which has the missing SLA
    • Performing above will trigger a manual reconstruct of the SLA
    • Once done, go to the JSD Project Administration > SLA and click on the update icon


For below root cause:

  • Corrupted database : Above workaround should fix the missing data

Plugin Issue : Perform Safe Mode on test instance to see if the SLA is still missing

For other unknown root cause, please consult Atlassian Support for further investigation

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