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If you would like to know more about REST in general, start with the RESTwiki's guide to REST In Plain English. Then jump right in and try our REST resources. Refer to the application-specific REST API documentation, listed below. If you want to develop your own REST APIs for an Atlassian application, you will be interested in the Atlassian REST plugin module, which is bundled with our applications.

Application-Specific REST API 문서

Bamboo REST APIs
Confluence REST APIs
FishEye/Crucible REST APIs
JIRA REST APIs (JIRA 4.2. Experimental and subject to change.)

API 개발

Overview of REST implementation
Read an an overview of a REST implementation, using the Atlassian REST plugin module type.

Atlassian Plugin SDK
Get started with developing an Atlassian plugin.

REST plugin module type
Use the REST module type to create plugin points in Atlassian applications, by exposing services and data entities as REST APIs.

Principles behind the Atlassian REST API design
Understand the guidelines followed by the Atlassian developers who are designing REST APIs for Atlassian applications.

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