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Updating Confluence Questions to the latest version

We release new features for Confluence Questions regularly.  You can update to the latest version right from within Confluence. 

  1. Go to Confluence Admin > Manage add-ons
  2. Locate the Confluence Questions add-on.
  3. Choose Update (this will only appear if there is an update available).

For more information see Updating Add-ons.

릴리스 노트

Questions for Confluence 2.4

Goodbye typos, hello comment editor! When you comment on a question or an answer you now get the full power of the editor. This means you can add basic formatting, pictures and code macros. You can also edit your own comments - no more typo cone of shame.

New features:

  • The editor is now available for comments as well as answers
  • You can edit your own comments

Good to know:

  • Requires Confluence 5.7 or later
  • Performance fixes and bug fixes

Confluence Questions 2.3

In this release we've made some changes to our experimental REST API to make it more consistent with Confluence's REST API. We're pleased to announce that the API is now public and ready to use. See the REST API documentation for more information. 

Confluence Questions 2.2

In this release we've focused on some key bug and performance fixes. 

New features:

  • Question list macro gets a space picker

Good to know:

  • Several Internet Explorer 9 bug fixes
  • Performance fixes

Confluence Questions 2.1

In this release we've added HipChat integration and opened up our REST API. It's experimental for now, so we welcome your feedback

New features:

  • Be notified in a HipChat room when someone asks a question in your space
  • Experimental REST API

Confluence Questions 2.0.8

In this release we've tackled our highest voted feature request - giving you more control over who can see your questions by adding questions to spaces.  

Sometimes a question only relates to one team or project or it might contain private information that shouldn't be visible to everyone. Adding questions to spaces keeps your questions secure, relevant, and organized. 

New features:

  • New Questions link in space sidebars - use this to ask a question in a space, or see what others have asked.
  • New Ask in a space option when you edit an existing question - use this to move questions to a space.
  • View statistics for all questions or by space.
  • Get notifications about new questions for spaces you're watching. 
  • Use your existing space permissions - only people who can view the space can search for and see questions that were asked there. 

Good to know:

  • Asking a question using the Create dialog or Questions link on the sidebar will ask in a space. 
  • When you search for a question we'll return all matching questions, including ones asked in spaces that you have permissions to see.
  • Only the question itself is private.  Topics are still visible to everyone who can use Confluence Questions. 
  • Questions will not appear on the sidebar in the documentation theme (find out why) and may not be available in third party or custom themes.
  • The ability to ask, answer or comment on a question in a space is granted by the View space permission. People do not need to have Add page permission to ask or answer a question.
  • If your question isn't private, and you want to maximize your chance of an answer, use Questions in the header to ask anyone in your Confluence site. 

Earlier releases

Release notes can be found at The Atlassian Marketplace.


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