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Based on the Confluence Questions official documentation - How to Set Threshold Points for Confluence Questions Contributions, there are a couple of points that you might want to increase/decrease according to your needs.

Earn points by contributing to your Q&A community:

  • 15 points when your answer is accepted
  • 10 points each time your question or answer is upvoted
  • -2 points each time your question or answer is down voted. 

You're not awarded points for answering or up voting your own questions!


The way to solve this is to modify the Threshold Points as per the following POST requests:

Unix Systems:
  1. Run the following curl command in your terminal.

    curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"pointsPerAction": {"DOWNVOTED": -2, "UPVOTED": 25, "ACCEPTED": 50}}' http://<confluence-url>/rest/questions/1.0/admin/reputation/config -u username:password

    (info) Please replace the following parameters in the curl command:
    • Points

Windows Systems:
  1. Download a rest-cliet here.
  2. Insert the POST command using the following parameters:

    POST /rest/questions/1.0/admin/reputation/config (Content-Type: application/json)
      pointsPerAction: {
        DOWNVOTED: -2,
        UPVOTED: 10,
        ACCEPTED: 15


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