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Planning made easy - Cross-team, cross-project, and instant answers for business

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Control your roadmap

Plan and scope your roadmap across multiple JIRA projects using shared resources, dependencies and deliverables. Set priorities, estimates and target dates to instantly see when you can ship releases based on your commitments.     





Avoid bottlenecks

Identify and avoid bottlenecks and potential holdups by accounting for dependencies across teams and projects. Model skills and define who can do which type of work to avoid unrealistic resource loads.

Keep up with change

Adjust delivery dates, team member resources and dependencies to give a real-time comprehensive view of the status of all of your project

Powered by JIRA

JIRA Portfolio integrates and syncs with JIRA to create a seamless flow between your existing JIRA issues and your roadmaps.


JIRA Portfolio v1.8 Release Notes
JIRA Portfolio v1.7 Release Notes
JIRA Portfolio v1.6 Release Notes 

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