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This page shows the license compatibility for pre-JIRA 7.0 and the new family of JIRA applications. For example, a JIRA Agile license can be used with the JIRA Agile application, but not for JIRA Software. A JIRA Core license can be used with JIRA 6.x or with JIRA Core.

  License type:
Works with these applications:JIRA 6.xJIRA Data Center 6.xJIRA AgileJIRA Service Desk 1.0JIRA Service Desk 2.0JIRA CoreJIRA SoftwareJIRA Service Desk 3JIRA Software Data CenterJIRA Service Desk Data Center
JIRA 6.x(tick) (tick)(tick) (tick)   (tick) (tick)(tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) 
JIRA Data Center 6.x (tick) (tick)      (tick) (tick) 
JIRA Agile  (tick) (tick)   (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) 
JIRA Service Desk 1.0   (tick) (tick)      
JIRA Service Desk 2.0   (tick) (tick)(tick) (tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)
JIRA Core(warning)Info (warning)(tick) (tick)   (tick) (tick)    
JIRA Software(tick) (tick)     (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) 
JIRA Service Desk 3   (tick) (tick)(tick) (tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)
JIRA Software Data Center (tick) (tick)      (tick) (tick) 
JIRA Service Desk Data Center         (tick) (tick)

For information about how you'll renew maintenance for your current license, see the Licensing Changes page for the products that you use today.

 A note on using JIRA 6.x licenses in JIRA Core

By default, JIRA licenses purchased prior to the release of JIRA 7 are treated as JIRA Software licenses. This means you can upgrade your existing JIRA installation to JIRA Software with no interruptions. If you have decided to upgrade to JIRA Core instead of JIRA Software, you can download the JIRA Core installer and use it to upgrade your existing JIRA 6.x installation. JIRA Core will treat your old JIRA license as a JIRA Software license, but users will still be able to log in and access all JIRA Core functionality. When it's time to upgrade or renew your license, contact us to get a new JIRA Core license.

  Instructions for using an old JIRA license in a new JIRA Core installation

If you want to set up a new JIRA Core installation (and are not upgrading an existing installation) and would like to use a valid pre-7.0 JIRA license, follow these steps:

  1. Download the JIRA Software installer.
  2. Install JIRA Software with an evaluation license.
  3. Go to the Versions & licenses page (JIRA System Administrator permission required)
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the JIRA Software license to edit it.
  5. Replace the JIRA Software evaluation license key with your existing JIRA 6.x or below license key.
  6. Click the "Uninstall" link in the JIRA Software section of the page.
  7. On the confirmation dialog, clear the checkbox for removing your configuration.
  8. Complete the uninstallation. The JIRA Software application will be uninstalled, but your license will still be stored in JIRA. You will be able to add new users under this license and they will have access to all JIRA Core functionality.
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