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본 기능은 Bamboo 2.5 버전부터 제공되는 기능입니다.

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If you have the details for a build plan set up in your Maven project (Maven 2 only), you can use Bamboo to checkout the pom.xml and create a new plan using the details from it.

(info) Only people with the 'Create Plan' global permission can import a build plan from a pom.xml.

To create a new plan with Maven,

  1. Click the 'Administration' link in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the 'Import With Maven' link in the left column under the 'Plans' section.
  3. The 'Import With Maven' page will display. Enter the details for your pom.xml
    • 'SVN URL' — Enter the location of the pom.xml file in your Subversion repository.
    • (optional) 'Username' — Enter the username of the user that will be used to access the Subversion repository, if any.
    • (optional) 'Authentication Type' — Select either 'Password', 'SSH' or 'SSL Client Certificate'.
      • If you select 'Password', the following fields will appear:
        • 'Password' — (Optional) Type the password required by the Subversion username (if applicable).
        • 'Change Password' — (Will only appear after you have saved the plan) Select this check-box if you want to change the password that is used to access the Subversion repository.
      • If you select 'SSH', the following fields will appear:
        • 'Private Key' — Type the absolute path of your SSH private key.
        • 'Passphrase' — Type the passphrase for your SSH private key.
        • 'Change Passphrase' — (Will only appear after you have saved the plan) Select this check-box if you want to change the password for your SSH private key.'
          (info) If you are planning to use remote agents the ssh private key file has to be copied to the agent box into the same location as specified.
      • If you select 'SSL Client Certificate', the following fields will appear:
        • 'Private Key' — Type the absolute path of your SSL client certificate.
        • 'Passphrase' — Type the passphrase for your SSL client certificate.
          (info) Please note, the client certificate has to be in PKCS12 format and the client certificate file must be passphrase protected, otherwise a runtime exception is thrown by JDK security engine while opening the user key.
  4. Click the 'Import' button. Bamboo will parse the pom.xml file and create a build plan from the details.
  5. The 'Builder' tab of the Edit Plan wizard will display once the plan is created by Maven. Edit the details for your plan as desired. See Specifying a Builder for instructions.
  6. When you return to the Dashboard, your new plan (and new project, if applicable) will be displayed in the 'All Projects' list. Your new plan will be disabled by default, i.e. Bamboo will not automatically run an initial build for your new plan.

(info) You can configure Bamboo to automatically start an initial build for a new plan, even if you have selected manual triggering. To do so, add the to your bamboo.cfg.xml file as described in Configuring System Properties.

Security Manager settings too strict

Please note, during the Maven import, Maven's project file (pom.xml or other specified by user) is analysed using maven-embedder library. The parent poms will be searched in local repository or downloaded from network repositories. In order to reuse Maven's credentials for the network repositories, Bamboo needs to access the maven-embedder internals. If your JVM's or web container's SecurityManager's settings are too strict, this will fail and you will see this error in your Bamboo logs:

"Problem while initializing Maven Embedder. Probably Security Manager settings are too strict, refer to"

If your imported Maven project file uses repositories that require credentials (i.e. not public or local), you will need to adjust the SecurityManager settings for your JVM or web container appropriately for the import to work.

스크린샷: Importing a plan from a pom.xml

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